pdtnsim - Perl-based DTN Simulator


pdtnsim is a DTN (Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Networking) simulator completely written in Perl. Since all programs in pdtnsim are written in Perl, if you are a Perl programmer, you can easily modify simulator functionalities and/or add new features. Perl is one of major light-weight programming languages, which enables rapid prototyping of DTN simulations. For instance, when you think of a novel network protocol for DTN, you can rapidly implement the protocol with the help of high expressiveness of Perl language.

Since everything in pdtnsim is written in Perl, pdtnsim is not suitable for extremely large-scale DTN simulations. For instance, pdtnsim is not suitable for very large-scale DTN simulations with millions of agents (i.e., mobile nodes/terminals). However, such limitation is not an issue in practice since DTN is generally expected to be utilized in environments with spares agents.




A Makefile for Debian GNU/Linux systems is available at

An example session is as follows.

  $ wget
  # make install


First, fetch the archive of graphtools from, and install following a typical CPAN installation procedure.

  $ wget
  $ tar xzvf Graph-Enhanced-1.33.tar.gz
  $ cd Graph-Enhanced-1.33
  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

Second, install required CPAN modules from CPAN ( Using cpanm makes installation of CPAN modules significantly easy.

  $ wget -O - >cpanm
  $ chmod +x cpanm
  $ ./cpanm Class::Accessor::Lite List::MoreUtils Math::Random Math::Trig Math::Vector::Real Smart::Comments

Finally, extract and install the pdtnsim archive.

  $ tar xzvf pdtnsim-<version>.tar.gz
  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make
  $ sudo make install


Hiroyuki Ohsaki <ohsaki[atmark]>