Converting from LaTeX to Word using TeX2Word (2004/11/27)


There are several ways for converting LaTeX documents to Microsoft Word documents. If you are looking for general information on conversion between LaTeX and Word, check Wilfried Hennings' great page, "Converters between LaTeX and PC Textprocessors page" (

I have tried several ways listed in Hennings' page such as TeX2Word, latex2rtf, and TeX4ht for LaTeX-to-Word conversion, and have found that using TeX2Word would be the best way for, in particular, converting Japanese LaTeX documents with math formulas. In what follows, I will explain several tips for converting a Japanese LaTeX document to Word format.

1. Install TeX2Word

Download and intall an evaluation copy of TeX2Word from Chikrii Software (

2. Install MathType

Download and intall an evaluation copy of MathType ( from Design Science, which is necessary for converting math symbols and equations.

3. Genrate *.bbl file

If your LaTeX source file uses BibTeX for managing references, complie your document with latex and bibtex for generating a *.bbl file.

4. Convert LaTeX source files to Shift-JIS

This step can be skipped if your LaTeX source files are just in English. On UNIX systems, it can be easily done with

  $ for i in *.tex *.bbl
    mv $i $i~ && nkf -s $i~ >$i

Don't forget to backup your files since the above commands overwrite your LaTeX source files.

5. Add a line to include a *.bbl file.

Add the following line at the next line of \bibligograph command in your LaTeX source file.


where filename must be changed to a proper name.

5. Convert all EPS figures to WMF format

This step can be skipped if your LaTeX source does not include EPS figures. Since Windows cannot correctly import EPS files, it is better to convert all EPS files to WMF format. On UNIX systems, running the following command does the job.

  $ for i in *.eps
    mv $i $i.orig
    pstoedit -f emf $i.orig $i
6. Load the main LaTeX source file from Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, open the main LaTeX source file using "File" -> "Open" menu. Make sure you select "*.tex" as a file filter.

Hiroyuki Ohsaki (ohsaki[atmark]