Linux Tips


1. Using Emacs's outline-mode for writing a paper outline/draft and presentation slides (2005/6/8)

2. Configuring IBM ThinkPad X31 on-board 802.11b wireless network card (2004/11/20)

3. Converting from LaTeX to Word using TeX2Word (2004/11/27)

4. Converting from PostScript to EWM (Enhanced Windows Metafile) using pstoedit (2004/12/06)

5. Linux kernel patch for supporting CAP-compatible coding system for all filesystems (2004/12/23)

6. Using PPP over Ethernet with MS-CHAP authentication (2005/02/02)

7. Install Debian GNU/Linux (sarge) on OpenBlockSS (2005/6/29)

8. Recording VNC session as MPEG2 video stream (2009/10/20)

Hiroyuki Ohsaki (ohsaki[atmark]